We successfully created fashionable leather jackets for Men and women at all ages for more than thirty four years, simply designing the must have jacket, always far-sighted sensing trends and new tendencies.


A leather jacket from Balbales is meant to be worn all the time. The jacket you pick for any day and the jacket you pick for your party dress needs an special look. It is the jacket hanging in your closet season after season – never losing feel touch and sentiments associated


It takes a good sense of aesthetic and an artistic spirit to design such timeless classics. As an experienced organisation we create  everlasting pieces with heart and soul – Balbales makes unique designs with great passion and spirit. We have dedicated and quality conscious staff and this the main reason of our success and cause of growing up worlwide, Not to forget our essential belief in the soul of our designs – Balbales assure you “What you see is what you get” –  we never compromised nor will, on quality.


Everybody loves the colour black and the thought of black being a mix of all colours. Simple on the surface yet so diversified – explaining why everyone has a soft spot for the classic black leather jacket.


Not much has changed since last many decades when a world famous actorJames Dean introduced the black leather jacket – edgy, cool and a symbol of freedom. Still representing old values the black leather jacket is more popular than ever – unisex, ageless and still a symbol of freedom crossing borders and cultures all over the world. When Balbales label is on the jacket you are guaranteed, excellent, sophisticated, classic, timeless design – far beyond common re-interpretation of the iconic jacket.